Harvest Speed

At harvesting speeds between about 4 and 6-8 km/hour the machine is moving fast enough for the gathering and feed systems to work well without excessive stool damage. Stool damage can occur at speeds both higher and lower than this optimum range in different crop configurations.

Cleaning Rate

When the flow rate through the cleaning chamber is over about 90 tonnes / hour, the selectivity (ability to extract trash rather than cane) of the cleaning chamber drops rapidly, and the amount of cane extracted to the trash blanket increases significantly. It is important to appreciate that cane extracted by the cleaning system (especially at high rpm) is 'atomised' as it passes through the fan, and not visible in the trash blanket.

Elevator Pour Rate

In green cane, elevator pour rates over about 150 tonnes/hour generally lead to boiling and spillage, and this increases losses.


% Max Length

Generic high trash variety, Generic modern full sized harvester

Yield delivered to mill
98 t/ha
Tonnes CCS lost / hectare
Fibre in Cane
Extraneous matter (leafy) in cane
Clean stalk lost through billeting
Clean stalk lost through cleaning